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Brain Abundance – How to get SALE$$$$…

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You are either in Brain Abundance or your looking to get into it or even to buy the product. Listen I am not here to bash the company…in fact the company offers great dietary supplements. If you want to know more information on how to purchase the products you can easily go to their corporate website.


The main reason why I am writing this blog is to help people that are promoting the company on the opportunity side get results period. I have been getting people from this particular company marketing to me the incorrect way…basically spamming. You do not want to be that person. So how about I show you effective ways to market it to get sales now.

Brain Abundance – On Facebook


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Okay so your in Brain Abundance and looking to market it on Facebook. Great! Here is the problem that most reps are doing on Facebook. They either request someone on Facebook & spam their link immediately to get into the company or spam on people walls or groups. You have to build relationship when it comes to Facebook. Here is a trick…start posting testimonials from people using the product or having huge success with the business…instead of all  the FACTS about the product or opportunity. FACTS TELL, STORIES SELLS$$$$…LOL.


Listen…people do not join the business…they join you…Why should someone buy from you…then any other of the thousands of other reps promoting it. What differentiate yourself from everyone else? More importantly, is the person you are marketing your product/opportunity in your TARGET AUDIENCE. These are things that should come to your mind when you are marketing on Facebook via the post you put up or via FBPPC.


Brain Abundance – On YouTube


youtubeBeing that I am in no way affiliated with Brain Abundance I do not know how their sign up process work, but I am pretty sure you have the ability to get someone to purchase from you via a link coded to you…Now here is how to get Auto Pilot Sales. If you are in this company…and you have yet to shoot a video and upload it on YouTube….YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON SALE$$$. YouTube is the most effective way to get sales on automation.


Now you are probably asking yourself how….people are searching for this company…the buzz is going around…So people are going to be typing Brain Abundance on YouTube or Google and you want your video there. You need to learn how to get your video optimize to get ranked on the First Page of YouTube or Google. You would want people buying from your video by you providing VALUE on the company through your link. If you want more info on how to compel people to buy from your videos and learn how to rank your videos…you can click the button below for more info.


Brain Abundance – On Blogging


business-blogIf you are not blogging for Brain Abundance…I am going to tell you…what the heck is wrong with you…lol. No seriously, I know you are probably saying that I can not write or I do not know what to write…a bunch of excuses that is leaving you exactly where you are right now. Listen if you do not want to write your blogs…simply outsource it…you can get someone to write your blogs for $3 to $5 bucks. Stop trying to complicate things and just make money…


You do want to make sales on autopilot right? I know your shaking your head yes…then stop over thinking and take action. For instance…you see this blog somewhere on the internet…because I optimized/shared it well enough to make you see this…so clearly it works. Just like I know right now…your going to take action and click the button below to get more advanced info on how to rank your blog on the first page of Google.


Brain Abundance – Top Sites




Now I want you to take notice on the fact that I mention these three websites. Google is Number 1 most traffic site…which is where your blogs/videos will show. Facebook is the 2nd most traffic site where you will build relationship or do fbppc on….and YouTube which is the 3rd most traffic site where your videos will be seen. I mention these site to make you pay attention & educate yourself on mastering the skills on how to market on these website. Why…That is where most the Traffic, Leads, & Sales are silly…lol. Here is what you need to do right now. Click the link below to educate yourself on the importance of understanding exactly how to market Brain Abundance to start getting sales now.




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