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melaleuca reviewsHave you read other “Melaleuca Reviews“? To be quite honest…none of them came close to sharing with you on what I found out. I share more on this below along with the reasons why most distributors are failing in generating income with the company. Let me just get one thing off your mind right now…this second… that you are probably unsure of…. That is the fact that this company is no way a scam of anything. In fact the company prides on the wholesomeness of their products being environmentally safe.

For example, one of the most important things that we all want for our home is that it is safe and clean. I hope you are agreeing or shaking your head the least…lol Cleanliness is a big job, especially if you have children, (trust me…I have a three year old…I know…lol) and it can be difficult to find effective, safe products. Having products that use safe ingredients is a real benefit in today’s toxic chemical cleaning products. This is why Melaleuca is leading the way in chemical free cleaning.

Melaleuca Reviews – What is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca plantBefore I get into what you did not get from other Melaleuca Reviews is a better understanding of what is Melaleuca. Before I thought Melaleuca was just a creative name the company came up with no interesting story behind it…I was so wrong….(I’m human…what can I say) In a nutshell it is a genus of plants that make up the myrtle family Myrtaceae of which there are over 200 species. They are known for their natural soothing and cleansing properties which is why it has long been used for its medicinal benefits. The plant has a traditional use by Aboriginal tribes in Australia. OKAY MAYBE RIGHT NOW I am speaking Chinese to you…but this is based on some research… I got lost myself as I was typing it too….lol. Anyways it is this plant oil that is the foundation of what Melaleuca Company is all about.

Looking for Melaleuca Reviews – Untold Truth Revealed Video below…

Melaleuca Reviews – The Company & Products

melaleuca reviews products

Okay…how about we share some little known facts about the company for a bit just like other Melaleuca Reviews share…and afterwards do the total opposite. The Melaleuca company was formed to be a green, sustainable provider of the best products that they can make. They refrain from using the harsh chemicals that other companies may use, and they try to use sustainable resources wherever they can.

They use various natural ingredients as opposed to chemicals. They use citric acid, and other natural ingredients to do the cleaning. This is a better way to clean the home, and it means that your family as well as the environment are not exposed to these other chemicals.

Melaleuca Reviews Leave Out

did_you_know__by_yamahaworld-d45ptseOkay….now that I got this portion out of the way…let me really dig in to this on what other Melaleuca Reviews do not really discuss much on… By now you should know that the company is a great company with great products…But how come most distributors are failing in making money with this business…Tell me if you can relate or know of someone who been in this scenario..so in this case…I am going to talk from my personal experience in network marketing.

So I got all excited because I just joined a company and did what my sponsor told me. I created a list of everyone I know and contacted them to get them into the business…but got rejected or no one was quite interested. I brought people to hotel or home meetings to get people to buy the products or join the business and people would drag their feet in making a decision to join the company or just did not answer my calls when I follow up(basically the prospect went to the witness protection program and disappeared…lol)… I passed out my business card to people…every time I pump gas looking for someone sharp to talk too…Once I finally got someone in….the cycle will continue…and quite frankly…it was exhausting….Until I found about the 3 C’s of Marketing a business that compel people to THROW THEIR CREDIT CARD at you begging to join you in your business.

Where was the 3 C’s of Marketing in other Melaleuca Reviews 


WAIT A MINUTE…People throwing their credit card at me to join me in my Melaleuca business is probably what your saying right now…They do not literally do it silly…lol.. But they are ready to join you with their credit card at hand because you have what they want…Okay how is this possible your asking … Well lets get to the 3 C’s of Marketing which are How to CREATE Traffic, How to CAPTURE Leads, &  How to CONVERT them to SALES. You see you do not want to market to everyone your Melaleuca business….You want to get targeted in your audience….which create targeted leads and sales.

More importantly…you want to become the one being hunted instead of being the hunter. Isn’t much easier to close someone who is contacting you for more information on your Melaleuca business. HECK YEAH…Why…they already pre-qualified because they are seeking you asking for more information. There is no need to go through rejections anymore because you have leads contacting you…The reason why I get people into my business is because I target my audience…I do some form of advertising to attract people to me based on the 3 C’s of Marketing….and they either sign up without me speaking to them or contacting me asking for more information. Now you see what other Melaleuca Reviews are not telling you…

YOU were predestined to see this…


I want you to notice the fact that I kept referencing Melaleuca Reviews on this blog. Blogging is one marketing strategy on getting targeted traffic, leads & sales. And you probably see a video some where on here which is another marketing strategy to get targeted traffic, leads, & sales referencing the same keyword. I mention two marketing strategies that create sales while I am sleeping or get people contacting me from them.

There is something that I know…that you need access to explode your Melaleuca business and that is in understanding the 3 C’s of Marketing. How to compel people through hypnotic language to take action now. You probably notice the temperature in the room just switch…and right now you probably just notice your breathing just switch. You just realized this was what you been missing and going to take action right now…As you decide now to click the link below…and get access to the missing link in your Melaleuca business.



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